Health Care At The Rural Door Steps Hope to Cameroon's Sickle Cell Community

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HemOxide-Bot-CapHemoxide is an all-natural supplement classified by the USA’s Food and Drug Administration as a supplement. This means it can be doctor-prescribed or purchased without a prescription. It is produced by a United States based company, Total Health Enhancement. Hemoxide was first formulated in 1976. Its research-based reformulations are effective in relieving sickle cell symptoms.

Sickle Cell Anemia and Thalassemia are inherited blood disorders. Both of these conditions cause the body to produce fewer usable red blood cells, leading to fatigue, malnutrition and painful
crises. There is, currently, no cure for these conditions; proper nutrition in combination with supplements as Hemoxide can reduce the severity and frequency of a crisis, improve the general health and the quality of life of those suffering from sickle cell. Hemoxide, our proprietary formula, is a capsule medical food therapy that will assist the body in producing healthy red blood cells, increase blood flow into the veins and capillaries and strengthen the immune system. Hemoxide works naturally with the body to produce an enhanced blood flow signaler called Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide signals blood vessels to open, relax, and become more slippery, which is just what sickle cells need to move through the bloodstream, lowering blood pressure and pain, and increasing oxygen levels throughout the body.

Hemoxide was formulated based on peer reviewed literature, primarily from the basic science of biochemical literature, and demonstrated to increase Nitric Oxide production as measured by surface temperature increases and exhaled breath into a Nitric Oxide Analyzer.

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